Monday, January 26, 2015

2014 in review.

Started the New Year off with Sister Hosenfeld, Elder Zaugg, and Elder James wandering around in Båstad.
It was my last month in Halmstad and with my baby Hosie.
I learned a lot about repentance and had many spiritual experiences with my testimony of the Savior.
I decided to give my all to the work for the next nine months.
Morgan was baptized.

Got called to serve in Katrineholm with Sister LaFontaine.
Spent many days tracting and helping the Forsman family move.
Taught Anicet with google translate.
Tried our hardest to be happy with the cold weather and darkness.
Ate way too many Daim chocolate balls.
My hair was turning from brown to red, I broke out all over my face, I gained weight, and through it all I learned a lot about loving and accepting myself and not caring about how I look on the outside.
It was really hard.

We did a lot of service this month.
We tried doing a lot with the members to help them become closer as a branch.
I hit my year mark.
We spent a lot of time doing more tracting, cooking with grace, and hanging with cat.
We loved being with Elizabeth and teaching her friends Swedish.
I learned a lot about myself this month.
We found Esther- which was a huge blessing.
We spent a lot of time working with Asa, Michaela, Paoline, Annik, and Nills.
Nills became considered as “active”.

Emi Christison became my companion- which was a huge blessing.
We did a lot of running.
Paoline became considered as “active”.
We sang “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman everyday.
We spent almost all of our time in Vingåker.
We celebrated the end of Winter and gladly welcomed in the spring. 
 We spent our lunch hours sitting in the sun- it helped me be happy.

We skyped our families on mothers day.
We went on fun adventures on Pdays.
My body wouldn’t let me take naps on pdays so I learned that I love to cook.
And write.
And create.
I tried to learn to love cats.
We spent a lot of time helping Asa learn to love herself- which helped me learn to love myself more.


I left Katrineholm... and went to Orebro.
I was a Sister Training Leader with Sister Lowe.
We ate out a lot.
We celebrated Midsommar at the Keannes house.
I loved the members there so so much.
I went on splits in Katrineholm and got to see Cat and Asa.
I went on splits with Sister Swenson and we got caught up on EVERYTHING. 
I realized that she will be a best friend of mine for a long time.
I enjoyed every minute of summer.
We learned how to make homemade ice cream.
We spent a lot of time with the YSA’s and with our investigators.

We celebrated the fourth of July with the top half of the mission with our new Mission President- the Beckstrands.
We had dinner that night with the YSA couple- the Browns.
We did a lot of contacting.
We did splits with the sisters in Norrkoping.
Swensons group went home.
I got transferred to UPPSALA- my last area.
My new companion and best friend was Sister Anderson.
Isam and Sister Lowe (and parents) came and visited.

This month was so much fun.
We had a lot of energy.
We worked so hard.
We taught Mohammad almost everyday.
We sang songs, we tracted, we contacted, and we spent a lot of time with Maria Shaw.
I was so happy.
We laughed everyday.
We had a lot of fun with Elder Forsyth and Miles.
I learned that I cannot play soccer. At all. Or ping pong.
We went on splits every single week.
We went to Lulea!

Last Month on the mission for me.
It was bitter sweet.
We worked really hard.
We had fun.
We ate a lot of sushi.
Mohammad was baptized.
We taught Gabriella.
We counted a lot of dead frogs in the roads.
We went to Lulea again.
I packed up my stuff and went home on September 26th.
It all went so fast.

I was home.
It was bitter sweet.
I loved being with my family but I really really really missed the mission.
I cried a lot.
I had fun hanging out with Chelsea and Amy.
Sarah Cameron got married.
I went on a lot of dates.
I nannied everyday.
We went to St.George twice.
I looked at mission pictures a lot.
I skyped Mohammad every week and talked to Isam on the phone every week.
I enjoyed going to the temple each week.

I still had a hard time adjusting.
I turned 21.
I continued to go to the temple, read my scriptures, pray, get a hold of everything in my life.
I went on a lot of hikes.
I continued to nanny.
I felt selfish doing so much for myself. 

We spent Thanksgiving in St. George.
At the end of the month- I had a turning point and learned to love being home and be so grateful that I was able to serve a mission.
Brooke Waltman got married.
I fell in love with listening to music.
I continued to date a lot.
Sister Lowe got married.

I stopped nannying.
I did a few babysitting jobs here and there.
I studied scriptures about the Savior everyday.
I got a gym pass and started doing yoga and spin classes again.
I continued to date.
I went to the temple each week and received a lot of answers...
All of the answers had to do with patience and having hope.
I hung out a lot with Swensie.
I kept in contact with a lot of missionaries from the mission as well as Isam and Mohammad.
Christmas was the best Christmas thus far.
We focused on being together as a family more than we focused on presents and it made all the difference.
Sarah Flynn, Madie Hart, and Carli Barlow all came home from their missions. It was fun to be with my friends this month.
I slept a lot. And I watched a lot of movies.
Anderson and that whole group of missionaries came home and it was the best ever.

Cheers to 2014- what an amazing year.
So many ups and downs.
So many lessons learned that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. I am excited for a new year. I know 2015 will be equally amazing in different ways.