Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stockholm Sweden

On the night that I submitted my papers, I had a strong feeling that I would be called to Sweden. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I told my family and close friends that, that is where I thought I would be going. My friend Amy Cox called me the next day saying that she couldn't get Sweden off of her mind and that she knew I was going there. After weeks of waiting for my call to come, it finally arrived on Saturday November 17, 2012. I was called to Stockholm Sweden! I am the seventh generation in my family to serve there and could not be more excited. I have seen the importance of family as I have studied and learned about my past ancestors serving the Lord in the same place that I have been called to serve.

1. Peter A. Forsgren- First convert in Scandinavia- Served in 1886
2. Elias Peter Forsgren- Son of Peter A. Forsgren- Served in 1910
3. Arvil Forsgren- Nephew of Elias Peter Forsgren- Served in 1905
4. Robert Bryon Forsgren- Son of Arvil Forsgren- Served in 1948
5. Reed Forsgren Christensen- Nephew of Robert- Served in 1955
6. Douglas Forsgren Christensen- Son of Reed - Served in 1986
7. Adelide Louisa Christensen- Daughter of Doug- Serving March, 2013

Recently, the four living generations got together. I listened and learned from my dad, grandpa, and grandpa's uncle, Robert Forsgren (90), share stories from their missions. It was a wonderful experience. 

I am also very blessed at this time to be serving with five other cousins on the Christensen side. I love them all dearly and I am grateful for the examples they are to me. Although we will be in different parts of the world, we will be doing the same work together.