Monday, June 24, 2013

Midsommar 2013 or "How Went It?"

June 24 2013
The Stones in Ystad
Adventures from the week: Last Pday we went to Ystad to these huge stones that over looked the ocean. I took a lot of pictures but Jian said that you got the ones she posted already. Jian left to China on Wednesday and her last text to us said "be happy forever." She is the cutest.

On Tuesday we helped a lady in our ward move for three hours with just us two, her, and her mom. So even though I am not at home to help you guys move- I am doing the exact same thing on the other side of the world! After a long day of moving, we went to the store to buy food for fifteen kids that we were doing an activity for. One of the kids who is interested in the church, is a vegetarian, so because I am a vegetarian, we got put in charge of making the whole dinner. We bought 850 Kronar worth of food and since we thought it was a great idea to take bikes, we had to put two HEAVY bags on both sides of our handle bars and bike to the church on the other side of town. We were going on the side walk and there was a huge pole right in the middle so I swerved to the side and the weight on my handle bars made me unstable and.... yes. I tipped right over in the middle of the road with a ton of food rolling out of the bags and cars all around me just staring! One lady rolled down her window and said "hur gick det?" which translated literally means, "how went it?" Um... obviously it went great, thanks... hahahaha What do you say to that? hahaha. We finally got to the church in one piece and the dinner turned out perfect. We did taco salads with vegetarian-soy-protein-taco-meat-like stuff that is actually wayyyy good.
Our taco dinner we made for the youth
We got two baptismal dates this week for Leonard and Sabrina! I have truly seen how the power of acting upon what you desire, will lead to blessings. You cannot desire something without taking some kind of action. Once Leonard and Sabrina started coming to church and showing the lord that they want to be baptized, things started working out for them. They got the money to get to Slavakia and are going at the beginning of August to get married and will be baptized in September. I hope I am still in the area. It will be so wonderful for them and for their family.
Making a flower wreath
June 21 was Midsommar- a holiday in Sweden which is also the longest day, it doesnt get dark all night! I was writing in my journal about it at 10:20 pm and I looked outside and it looked like it was noon with no sun! But it was so much fun and special to be apart of their culture on this day. We went to Ă…hus to the Erikssons sommar hus (The Erikssons are a family in our ward whose son is serving a mission in PORTUGAL and is Clayson Knight's Zone Leader! Small world.)
Decorating the Maypole
 The mid-sommar activities are so fun. All of the girls make flower crowns and decorate the pole. Then we go out in the forest and pick tiny strawberries that are all over and you put them on a long piece of grass and eat them off like a candy necklace. We ate all day, went to the ocean, played volleyball, and danced and sang around the flower pole like in the grinch. haha.
The "flikkas" (girls)
 I know my letters make it sound like I have p-day everyday but I promise we are working hard! Our mission is definately unique. We work a lot on strengthening ward members and working with less actives. The investigators that we do have are moving slowly but surely and I love all of them. The missionary work is hard, but it is coming and I have been able to find joy in it everyday. I know I also make my letters sound like I am having the time of my life, which I am. That doesnt mean that missionary work is easy. It is hard. It is a lot of work. It is a lot of crying and praying. But I absolutely love it. And I think that only comes because I have chosen to love it and have chosen to find joy in it.

I read a scripture that I absolutely love and needed to hear this week. It is D&C 78: 17-19.
"Verily verily I say unto you, ye are little children and ye have not as yet understood how great blessings the father hath in his own hands prepared for you; And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer, for I will lead you along. The kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours and the riches of eternity are yours. And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious;"
dancing around the maypole

As I was meditating the other morning outside on our balcony, I kept thinking about this scripture. I love how it says, you cannot bear all things now; nevertheless be off good cheer for I will lead you along. How beautiful is that message. I sometimes feel anxious that I am not doing enough, that I can´t help everyone, and that the effort that I am putting forth is getting us no where. But I know that I cannot bear all things. Especially by myself. And the beauty of it is that we really do not need to bear all things! We have Jesus Christ our savior and our older brother to lead us along. I feel his hand in this work every single day.

 In D&C 84:88, which is one of my favorites it says "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left and my spirit shall be in your hearts and mine angels round aout you to bear you up." I feel that strength bearing me up when I wake up in the morning with strength and courage to start a new day, I feel it when we teach lessons and I bear a simple testimony. I feel it when I look down and see Christ's name over my heart. I have especially felt angels bearing me up this week when I received a letter from my mommy testifying of the atonement and how it is personal to EVERYONE. The atonement is real. It is for everyone. I feel it everyday as I sincerely ask for forgiveness and strive to be a little better. To stand a little taller. I see it change peoples lives. I am learning more about my savior every day and my heart is filled with joy and gratitude.
Bo and Britta Wennerlund
Be happy forever my dear family. Choose light, peace, and truth. I love you all.

Teaching Bo how to do a head stand!
Teaching Iso yoga!

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