Monday, July 8, 2013


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How was your 4th of July!? It was weird to not be with you guys this year but we had a fun BBQ to celebrate with my favorite person in the world: Bonnie Jamison. She is from the US and has literally been my mom here. She is so sweet and has fed us every single week since I got here and goes on teaches with us all of the time. She lives in the cutest cottage house with little gardens all around- we have so much fun picking strawberries from her back yard for dinner. She is kind of a hippy and I love it. Her story of how she got to where she is today is so inspiring and her testimony has really helped mine. She devotes so much of herself and time to missionary work and I am so grateful for her and her friendship.

This week I recieved the CUTEST package in the mail from Kristin Christensen with shirts, granola bars, candy, little journals, the cutest picture of Truman, and a letter from Grant and Truman. She seriously is the best & knows exactly what I love. I am so blessed and grateful. In her letter she said that Truman keeps asking her what kind of animals I have seen and if my kids will like him. Hahaha Oh I miss that kid. She also gave me this quote by Mary Anne Radamacher that I love that says: "Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow." YES. I love that. And that is truly all we are asked to do- to have enough courage to try again and again and again.
Grant and Truman with Adelide last summer. Adelide loves her little cousins.
I am especially grateful for my companion and area this week because we got a call on Friday from our zone leaders asking if we had received our TRANSFER CALL yet... I was literally in panic mode because that meant that either Sister Swenson or I was leaving and I feel like I JUST got here! We stared at the phone all night waiting for a call and it did not seem right for one of us to be leaving right now... By 9:00 we called our zone leaders back and told them we didnt get a call and they said oh that makes sense because you guys are both staying... hahaha Thannnnk youuuuu. So we are staying together until the end of August! But we are splitting our area and the saddest part is that we have to give up Leonard and Sabrina, the two with the baptismal dates. But we feel really good about how we split the area and we are ready to get a lot of work done in other parts of Kristianstad that we normally dont have time to do.

One thing I can say about this week, is that it is a good thing that I am a blunt person myself and can take criticsm because in the same day we were told by a member in our ward that we need to wear make up, that we are curvey, and that the members hate that I am a vegetarian. Haaa... Not joking. She said "Do you guys own make up? Because it would be really nice if you guys could look a little nicer to reperesent the church." Yes. That really happened. We were DYING. And of course we are still not wearing make up. I asked Isam what he thought about it and he said "natural is better". Haha I completely agree. Plus Isam said if there was one word he could describe me as it would be: natural. haha
at cute carnival by our apartment
 Scripture I love: D&C 138 25-26- Joseph Smith says "I marveled for I UNDERSTOOD... that the Savior taught for three years and performed mighty works and miracles but FEW hearkened to His voice." I love how Joseph Smith is almost in shock when he understands all that the Savior had done and all the work that he had performed and that only a FEW listened to his voice. This is so amazing to read especially while I am here on my mission and very few want to listen to our voices, that the Savior, Jesus Christ, taught for three years and there were few who listened. Everday he took courage and kept trying again and again to bring the people to the knowledge of the gospel. Christ himself did that. That gives me great courage.

Take courage my sweet family. I love you dearly. I am off to Malmö to go to the raw foods resturant with the Lund and Malmö sisters. xoxo.

Sister Christensen

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