Monday, October 7, 2013


     This week I said my goodbyes to the beautiful city and people of Kristianstad. Bo Wennerlund gave both Syster Richins and me a blessing and Hans Strandberg took my two big suit cases up to Halmstad for me so that I didn’t have to bring them to Stockholm. So nice.
Emi, Adelide and Caleb ~ Oly Titans
       In Stockholm we were treated with a wonderful meeting from President and Syster Newell and I got to see cute Emi Christison and Caleb Farley. I then received my little greeny companion who was actually McCall Frampton’s comp in the MTC. Small world. Syster Hosenfeld is darling, asks lots of questions and is a hard worker. She's great.
New Companion, Syster Hosenfeld!
       We got settled into our brand new apartment on Wednesday night - and you will not even believe where we are living. We are living about 20 minutes from Halmstad in an area called Tylösand. It is the nicest apartment in the whole mission. We live in a resort, three minutes away from the beach, and we have our own washer, dryer, and dishwasher. The people who live in this area own big name brands in Sweden and we live close to the lead singer in a famous rock band.

       Everything in the apartment is new and the beach by our house is said to be the nicest beach in all of Sweden. So no need to worry about me and my living conditions because I am WELL taken care of. One morning this week we ran right along the water on the beach and then the next day we took our towels out to the beach and did yoga. We are pretty lucky.

      Halmstad is B E A U T I F U L. It is an artsy city and a lot of color. I love it. There are hardly any immigrants in this area from what I have seen. Pretty much everyone is a Swede -which is different coming from Kristianstad where, for the most part, all of our investigators came from another Country. Its going to be a lot of work to get this place going, but I know the Lord has something wonderful planned for putting four missionaries in this area. Training is hard and has made me be more appreciative of Syster Swenson and her patience and love with me when I first came here and knew absolutely nothing. It is amazing to see the missionaries come straight from the MTC and see how far you can go within a couple of months of living in the Country. There really is no other way it would be possible to learn a foreign language so fast without God.
     We have spent a lot of time with the Elders here the past couple of days because we had NO idea where anything was. They are awesome missionaries and are very patient with me. The bishops cute wife picked us up on Thursday morning and took us to the store to do some grocery shopping- she is a sweetheart. We were welcomed in with open hands and the ward is so excited to not only have 4 missionaries in the area, but to have sisters. And we are excited to be here as well.

Ward House in Halmstad
      On Thursday we were waiting for the Elders to get us the ward list out of their apartment and we waited outside and did some contacting. We talked to a guy named Tim, who gave us his number but was kind of laughing at us so I didn’t think anything would come out of it. A couple hours later he called us and said he wanted to meet. We met up with him that night and he said that he noticed what it said on our tags, so he went home and looked it up on the computer. He read about missionaries and was interested in what we had to say. He also said that there are two ways he normally walks home but he rarely walks home the way he did- so it was cool that we met. I just smiled because I knew the Lord prepared it to happen that way. While we were walking we ran into one of Tim’s friends, Tibias and taught both of them the plan of salvation. It was hard because it was the first time I had to teach everything without another companion to back me up or help me if I forgot something- which I am sure I did. It was not perfect but the spirit was there and my companion bore a sweet, sincere, simple testimony. And these two guys- both swedes, about 23 years old, came to conference yesterday.

      We have done a lot of contacting and tracting and I know that is what we will be doing for the next couple months. When I think of the work and how we really don’t have anything right now, it stresses me out. But then I am reminded to take it day by day. To enjoy it. And to learn from this experience. I received very uplifting letters in the mail this week and on my email today. We weren’t able to watch the second session of Sunday conference but the other sessions were encouraging and were answers to my prayers. I know that God talks through those that speak at conference. The message that I heard over and over is that of Christ’s mercy and love and that I AM WEAK. Without Him I am truly nothing.

A lot of times on my mission I feel like I need to be so strong. Sometimes too strong to cry, too strong to say sincere prayers and ask for God's help, too strong to fully rely on the spirit- because I can do it on my own. But that is far from the truth. The truth is that I am so so weak. I cannot do anything on my own. I know that it is not me who speaks this language, who finds, who has strength to keep going, to have courage to talk to everyone I see. This is the Lord's work. I am merely an instrument in His hands. He helps me speak, find, have patience and courage. He lifts my chin, he comforts my nervous and scared soul. He opens my eyes to the hearts of the people so that I can love them with an indescribable love. He teaches me by example. He gives me hope. I know that the successes that I will see on my mission will not come from me trying to do everything on my own, but they will come from walking hand in hand with the Lord.
I am full of gratitude and love for this work. I love you all. You are in my prayers.
Adelide Louisa

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