Monday, February 10, 2014


Last dinner at the Lindhals
 If I would have been writing this letter on Thursday, I probably would have titled it: "Homesick for Halmstad." For some reason this was a weird transfer to me and I felt a little out of place. Maybe it was because I am in a new zone for the first time and out of the South for the first time with all new missionaries that I have never met before. 
The first couple of days I just kept thinking about the members in Halmstad and about how beautiful that city is and I missed it sooooo hard- (as Lillie would say). But I decided to look at this area as a new opportunity for new growths, friendships, and miracles. And of course, as soon as we started meeting with the members and the people here, I realized that I would be able to love it here just as much as I have loved my past two areas. 
bye halmstad elders
I also realized that as a missionary or at least for me, you don't love the area because of how beautiful it is or because of the success that you have there, but because of the amazing people that are there. It seems as if a new part of my heart opens up with more love that I didn't think I had for the people and their situations and my desire for them to grab hold of the gospel and never let it go. 
Maria from transylvania
My new companion is Sister LaFontaine. She is the CUTEST. We are going to have fun together. She came to Sweden in August so she is only three months behind me. She has only been in this area for a month so we are both pretty new, but luckily it's not too hard of an area to get down haha. AND she likes running! So we have been running every morning which has been nice. Its been a good four months since I have ran so I am a little slow but it feels good to get out. And its about time I take a break from Tony- p90x. 
Sultans is what KATRINEHOLM is famous for so we got a little treat :)
This area is very different than Halmstad, but it reminds me of Kristianstad in a way. All of the cities that I have served in are small, but this one is especially small. It is kind of fun. We walk everywhere because we are close and the buses don't run very often. The weather is colder here than in Halmstad but it's pretty warm. I can't believe its already February. I definately didn't experience the "Sweden Winter" that I heard so much about. I really was looking forward to it but I think it has also been a blessing.
soaking up the sun
There was one day this week that the sun was shining and there were no clouds so we just stood there and soaked it up. It made me excited for Spring and SUMMER. But I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself here. . .  :) The area is also different because we actually have investigators to meet with! It is a weird change going from finding everyday all day to having people to teach or swing by. But I learned A LOT about missionary work in Halmstad so I would never take back those experiences. 
syster lafontaine
So our apartment is the smallest apartment in the whole mission. I am not making that up. It really is. Our bathroom is tiny and the shower has mold all over the ceiling and corners. The shower is also either stabbing me with needles (when it is on high pressure) or screaming at me (when it is on low). We have one room with our beds and closet, and a big table for studying and it is also the only table we have so it is also our kitchen table. The Kitchen is TINY. Only one of us can be in there at a time and everything is crammed together. Its pretty hilarious. But in all its a good apartment. We have warm water, beds, heat, and food so I can't complain.
This week we helped a member move. Her name is Cat and she is 66 years old and is a GAMER. #worldofwarcraft all day everyday. She also didnt get any boxes so we had to throw everything into plastic bags. . . We were there all night Friday night packing and all morning on Saturday moving it. When we were packing I was about to do her dishes and I looked into a cup and saw her teeth floating in some dirty water. HAHAHA. We were dying. Sister LaFontaine tried picking it up with a spatula to take a picture and she dropped it on the ground! mmm
our bedroom
Our ward building is just a part of a business building and our meetings are only two hours long! Yesterday I bore my testimony and shared the scripture Mosiah 5:2. It is an awesome scripture because it illustrates the beauty of repentance. That the people had a change in their hearts and they had no more desire to do bad but to do good continually. I have seen this change take place in so many lives as I have been here. But the most important change that I have seen has been in my own life. I finally get it. I understand what it means to be a member of the church. I understand what a blessing and privilege it has been to grow up with the gospel and be taught by wonderful parents who have strong beliefs and good morals.
I have been thing a lot about the word change recently. I love how life is always changing. We as people are always changing and developing. Some changes are big- some are hard to adapt to. Sometimes they are uncomfortable. Some changes make us take a few steps back on our progression and some push us forward. And through all of this change, we are given something that will always be the same. And that is the gospel. It is God's love. It is Christ's grace. It is mercy and hope. It is always there. 
So while the world is changing and while we are changing and learning and growing, we are always given the promise that the gospel is there- it is always there to help us along. And the gospel also helps us understand that change is good. So on my mission, as I go through these changes with areas, companions, new hardships, new joys, new testimony builders, and new people... I have seen that these are the things that have changed my heart. These are the things that have helped me to fully understand the gospel. Change is the root of daily repentance and of becoming better... of becoming more like him. Which is what we came to earth for. 
my new addition to my backpack.  hosie gave me bracelet string as a going away present so I did that while I was on the four hour train hahaha
I love you all. I am happy in K-holm and I am happy to be a missionary. I am GRATEFUL for your love and support and examples. Thank you for your prayers- They lift me up.

me with all of my baggage and trying to get out of the sun nhahah
Thank you for fasting for me and praying for me. I really felt your prayers strengthening me. I know that I have had many ups and downs on my mission but I really feel like I am changing into the person Heavenly Father wants me to become. I am grateful for all that I am experiencing here. I am grateful that I have 7 months more to give this work my very all. I love serving my Lord and Savior. 
Love Adelide

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  1. i hope grace can be as positive and thoughtful her whole mission like adelide - I love her!!! I love that she has investigators!!! YAY