Monday, May 26, 2014

go with all your heart.


Wow- I was so spoiled last Monday with TWO packages from mom! THANK YOU. They came on a perfect day and they made me so happy. I got to see Sister Swenson TWO times this week which also brought me so much happiness because we hadn't seen each other for nine months! (since she left me in Kristianstad.) 

Sister Swensie!! (Adelide's Trainer)
I was going through my journal this morning (which I finished yesterday!) and I read a line that was bolded from last week that said: WHY IS THIS SO HARD? And then another bolded line from this week that said: WHY ARE WE SO BLESSED? I thought that was pretty funny. And of course I know the answers to both of those questions. And I hope I didn't scare anyone with my letter last week- yes it was hard, but that is not what matters. What matters is that we kept the faith and we kept going and we were so blessed this week- I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. 
Sister Young from Adelide's MTC group
In mom's package, she gave me a bracelet that says: GO WITH ALL YOUR HEART. It was perfect for this week. Sister Newell talked about the importance of LOVING what you do in our "Sister's Training Meeting" this week. I thought about this a lot this week and found that loving what I am doing, doesn't always mean that it is going to be easy or make things go the way I want them to go... BUT by finding joy in the journey, I WILL return home every night feeling completely satisfied with my efforts. I feel that because I try my very hardest to cheerfully do ALL that I can that I see so much success on my mission. 
this picture is dedicated to isam because we all served in Kristianstad :)
Everyday we accomplish something- whether it is by helping somebody else, or building my own character. It is all a part of the journey... and it comes by going with all your heart. Everyday on my mission I have written down something that I am grateful for, something that has made me happy each day, and a miracle that I have seen each day. It is never hard to pick something new and something unique... even on the hardest of days. Because everyday is so beautiful. 
As I have done this everyday, I have been able to notice the small things- the things that make each day worth it. The things that have brought me true joy and have helped me to realize that everyday has been given to serving the Lord. I couldn't ask for more success than that. 
all of the people that spoke at the sisters training
I always leave training meetings feeling a renewed energy to make new goals and to push myself a little harder- to being a little more dedicated. I wrote the following questions in my journal: 
1. How can I become a better teacher? 
2. How can I be happier and more satisfied with the work and my success? 
3. How can I become more diligent and dedicated to the work? 
4. How can I be more self confident and more humble at the same time? 
5. How can I love others more and show my love more? 
6. How can I be a better example to others? 
swe swe is beautiful :)
As I reviewed and prayed about these questions... I began writing again. And these were the answers that I came up with: 
1. LOSE YOURSELF- study for those you are teaching. 
2. LOSE YOURSELF- The work is about others- you will be happy if you stop focusing on your success and just be grateful for the opportunity to serve. 
3. LOSE YOURSELF- If I lose myself, I will stop worrying and complaining about me and will become more focused on the work. 4. LOSE YOURSELF- But first find yourself. Spend the minutes during exercise to ponder about your life. Love yourself. Love that you are unique... and then lose yourself for the rest of the day. 
5. LOSE YOURSELF- once you lose yourself you will be able to give all of your attention to loving and serving others. 
6. LOSE YOURSELF- and be more like your Savior. Live a life that is happy and adventurous. Live what you believe... and what I believe is that by losing myself- I will be: Happier, more grateful, an example, and a better teacher... Sister Newell has said that if you take YOU out of the picture than YOU will be blessed. 
we all got roses for mothers day (in sweden it was yesterday)
I saw this happen this week as we taught our investigator Frida. She is Swedish and we tracted into her on the same day that we saw the dog being roasted... I have been feeling insecure about the language recently and about other things so I was nervous going into the lesson. But it ended up being one of the most beautiful lessons I have been in. I was completely focused on Frida the entire lesson and as I did that, the Swedish came. The spirit was there. I felt confident and all I wanted to do was help Frida feel loved. She told us that as a teenager she did everything bad that you could possibly think of and then she asked "What would your church think of me?"

It was such a cool moment to look into her eyes and tell her that everyone will love and accept her no matter what but more importantly that Christ and God love her no matter what... and that they can heal her. We testified that through the atonement and through correct baptism, she can be cleansed from EVERYTHING she has ever done! What wonderful news. 
Bo Wennerlund's grandson spoke to our Branch in Katrineholm!
I thought I would share a day in the life of Sister Christison and I...

On Saturday we experienced one of the most stressful and most hilarious days on my mission. Starting at 6:30 a.m. when our alarm went off. I ran over and looked at the phone and saw that Paoline had texted us saying that she did want to go running- which also meant that we needed to bring something for breakfast because we promised that last time. So the first thing I said to Sister Christison at 6:30 am was "Paoline wants to go running- what should we bring for breakfast?" She looked at me so confused and we both stood in the kitchen trying to decided what to bring but we were so tired that our minds were NOT functioning. We just grabbed stuff, shoved it in our bags, got dressed and ran out the door. But everything went perfectly with Paoline. We run with her every Saturday and then have a lesson at her house. AND she came to church again this week! After Paoline, we ran home, did all of our studies and then got stuff ready to make lunch at the church with Grace and we left. After walking in the sun for about fifteen minutes... I stopped and said "do you have the phone?" and Sister C said no so I automatically assumed we left it at home because I could NOT remember putting it in my bag... We only had fifteen minutes to run back and get the phone, go to the store, and get to the church by 12:00.

i made home made gluten free knäckabröd!
We booked it back to the apartment- we were both in a full body sweat. We ran inside and looked everywhere for it but couldn't see it so I opened my bag and... there it was. HAHAHA. I was so mad (laughing really)- I pretended like I just grabbed it and didn't tell sis C that it was in my bag all along. We decided to take the bikes to the store and the church cause they would be faster so we get on the bikes and rode sooo fast to the store and we were dripping sweat- and when we got to the store, I realized that only my magnet was on my shirt and that my tag had fallen off :(. Luckily Sister Christison had an extra tag so we were both "Sister Christison" for the day. :) - 
We got what we wanted at the store and then got to the church and this was the highlight of my day... I put my helmet by the coat rack and walked into the kitchen and Sis C was standing there- being COMPLETELY serious- holding up a knife, a cutting board, and a tomato- with her face bright red from riding the bikes and her helmet still on and buckled up and she said: "Should I dice it or cut it in slices?" HAHAHAHA. I was DYING. We were both so stressed. 
how the swedes eat it :) Cheese and jam
I wish I had time to tell you the rest of the day events but I don't... We had the giggles so bad all day long as we kept reflecting on the day. When I was praying for us at night I started laughing so hard I could NOT for the life of me stop- So I ended the prayer and ended up telling her about the phone and how I was nervous to tell her but that I had it in my backpack the whole day! HAHAHA we laughed all night until we fell asleep. :) We are having so much fun and we were very blessed to be so busy that day.

In a letter I got from Grace (Gochnour)- she said: "We cannot slow down or waste time." WE MUST CONTINUE with all our hearts to find to teach to serve to talk to learn to grow... I love the experiences I am having here. I love serving with Sister Christison. She is so funny and we get a good laugh out of everything! I love all of you. I am so grateful for your examples and inspiring words every week! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST. LOVE U.

Sister Christensen

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