Monday, September 22, 2014

looks like i'm being transferred home

Our amazing investigator Gabriella
Wow. What a wonderful week to end on. We have been so busy- trying to get everything done and ready for transfers. We had a group of about 12 students come to church yesterday which was soooo cool! I gave my last testimony and said a lot of goodbyes- which are always hard. I have met the best and sweetest people who have influenced and blessed my life and I am going to miss them. 
I tried my hardest everyday this week to just ENJOY every single moment- the good and the bad. I have had so many thoughts and emotions running though me as I tried giving my last week my all and also as I have been preparing to come home. I have been overcome with the spirit again and again this week that I have done all that I needed to do... and I am so grateful for that. I was not a perfect missionary- in fact I know that I did a lot of things wrong but I was learning along the way and I was trying my best... and I do not have one regret. 
It is interesting that even though there are not very many things that are "comfortable" on the mission, I feel comfortable and look forward everyday to being here. Everyday I have to stretch outside of my comfort zone... it has never gotten easier for me- and yet I know that I am going to miss it with all of my heart.


Thank you for allowing me to be here.

Thank you for your letters- I couldn't have made it through some days without your inspired words and love and prayers. I will miss this time that we get each Monday to write home and to read letters from home. It has been spiritually uplifting and very fun for me.

There were beautiful moments this week that caused me to pause, smile, and offer a prayer of gratitude for the opportunity that I have had to be a missionary in Sweden... Here are a few of those things... Having an hour every morning to study the scriptures. Singing Swedish hymns with my companion. Taking buses and trains. Going up to strangers on the street to invite them to learn about the gospel. 
Taking a plane to the top of Sweden and looking out the window at the beautiful world that God has created- and having a confirmation that God is real and that he loves us. 
Luleå- splits with sis eborn
Going on splits with the AMAZING sisters on this mission. Teaching the Restoration. Bearing testimony countless times during the day. Laughing with Sister Anderson about everything. 
Gabriella at church
Eating food that I would NEVER eat at home. Looking for ways to serve others all day everyday. Speaking Swedish. Running in the fog before the rest of the world has woken up. Being surrounded by inspiring members of the church. Listening to people tell us about their adventures and their struggles. and last but not least, admiring the forests, lakes and huge skies. SWEDEN IS BEAUTIFUL and my mission has been INCREDIBLE. I have been so so blessed. 

We were invited over for dinner or lunch almost twice a day everyday this week. Everyone has been so sweet to me and I am so happy that I got to know this ward so well in the past 10 weeks. I love them and can't wait to visit next summer. 
dinner at my favorite family!!
I read an awesome talk this week while preparing to come home. It is called "Get On with Our Lives." :) In the talk, Elder Steven E. Snow says,  
"Most of us do not seek or even welcome dramatic changes. But change is an essential part of life's experiences. Many of these changes come as we naturally make our way though our earthly journey. Our lives change as we progress from childhood through youth and on into adulthood and finally old age. Schooling, missions, marriage, employment, and retirement are all examples of milestones of change." 
We were at the Swedish Church with a less active and these people asked me if they could film me with the King's crown on top of my head hahahaha. It was hilarious.
Although I know that coming home is not going to be easy- I am so excited to get on with my life. I am excited to hold you all in my arms and to continue to learn about the gospel and do the things that I have learned how to do on my mission. I look forward to learning and working and fulfilling the rest of my goals and plans and dreams. 
baby milla

Elder Snow also says that our answers to how we should deal with any type of change is by listening to the prophets, keeping an eternal perspective, having faith, and being of good cheer. I have a testimony that we can accomplish any change in our lives if we do those things. Those are the things that helped me adapt to being a missionary and they are the things that will help me when I'm home. 
my favorite girlies

painting our favorite family's fence
I love you all. I WISH LILLIE THE HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY OF ALL!! I canNOT believe she is 17. She was 15 when I left!! So crazy. I look forward to squeezing her guts out in a few short days. :)
We are going to the temple with everyone who is going home on Wednesday, sleeping at the mission home and then heading out on Thursday morning. C U SOON.

Puss puss och MÅNGA KRAMAR-

love, Sister Christensen ~for the last time.

hahaha mohammad's texts

Mohammad made dinner for us on the beach!

Elder Bednar spoke to our mission!

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