Monday, October 6, 2014

on to new adventures

The transition from the mission to home life is an interesting one.

i miss the mission
i miss sweden

…And I think its okay for me to admit that. I know that there will not be a day that goes by without me thinking about it… But I also know that for the past 18 months, I have been missing my family and friends and home…

So there is a lesson that I obviously need to keep learning over and over and over again: TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT.

I think that the best thing I have learned from returning home is to not FORCE myself into living in the world or to being different. The transition should be natural. And as I have let it be more of a natural process, it has helped me to enjoy and appreciate each day.

There were many reminders this week of how wonderful it is to be home, (till exempel…)

doing errands with my mama.

driving around with my dad and having amazing conversations about life- the ones that we used to have through letters but can now have in person.

visiting my grandpa at the hospital and singing hymns to him in Swedish with dad.

watching my moms dad- papa, play softball at age 78 and win.

being able to run at whatever time and for however long I want.

watching my aunt martha coach volleyball.

trying on bridesmaids dresses for two of my best friends.

going to the salt lake temple with mom.

helping out my aunt tausha with her kiddos.

moms dinners.

staring at the beautiful mountains all day long. 

road tripping it down to st. george, singing my favorite songs with the family.

first bike ride with dad.

watching conference in my pajamas.

and last but not least, being able to drive to the airport to see my darling brother who I hadn't seen for 18 months and won't see for two more years… after I talked with Henry on the phone the day before, his companion said to him, "she is your best friend, huh?" and henry replied "yes, yes she is." he told me he got teary eyed- I don't believe him. but I am so grateful for our friendship. I LOVE THIS BOY.

SO it turns out that life at home is good.

Elder Holland once said "don't you dare come home from your mission and be who you were before… that is not you anymore." I am trying to do this and its hard. But I don't want to be who I was before... and that doesn't mean that I can't be ME. I am still Adelide… I still love handstands and peanut butter and sandals and mountains. But I am not the same person because I HAVE A TESTIMONY of the gospel and I have a desire to continue to be more like my Savior everyday. That is something that I did not have before. 

And I needed 18 months to figure it out.



I am so grateful for the inspired speakers that know just what we need to hear. 
& that encourage us to stand a little taller. 

I have only been home for a little over a week and already- it is so easy to fall out of the habits that I have made. But I know that if we just try little by little- we will do the things we need to do to become closer to God. 

I loved Elder Klebingat's talk- it was cool to hear from him because I went to elementary with his daughter when they first moved to Utah. His talk focused on us being in charge of our own spiritual well-being. We can't depend on others to give us a testimony and we can't blame others for our individual weaknesses. I love how he said "acknowledge your weaknesses but don't let them immobilize you."

I love that we are agents of our own lives. And I am also grateful that our weaknesses CAN be strengthened through Jesus Christ. But we need allow HIM to help us overcome. 

This week I was not a perfect scripture reader or conference watcher. I get distracted ALOT... but I am trying. And I felt like what I put forth was ENOUGH… I am grateful that all God asks of us is to do our best and we will always be enough to Him. 



  1. Dear Adelide...thank you so much for continuing to write...I love hearing about your life, your testimony and your passion for all things good!!! You are such an inspiration to me and I know that the Lord will continue to bless you as you have and are continuing to bless the lives of so many. Sending lots of love to you and hope we can get together when I come to Utah this winter! Kramar!!! Bonnie

    1. THANK YOU BONNIE! I miss you and I am so grateful for you. OF COURSE we have to see each other when you come. I am also coming to Sweden in June and we will see each other then! love you.