Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our first letter from Adelide!

I can't even start to describe my experience at the MTC. It has been amazing. The first day, I was the first one to my class so I went in and my teachers only spoke in Swedish. I had heard that this would happen and that it stresses out a lot of missionaries but I ABSOLUTELY loved it. I just sat in there and enjoyed not knowing what they were saying but getting so excited to one day be able to speak this beautiful language. My companion is Camille Hauglid (the girl that we had the Swedish party at before we came) and she is so sweet and easy going which is perfect for me. My district is ALL girls (8 of us) and they are all so funny and awesome. I love them. We work hard but we also know how to have fun. The other day we were studying for about two hours and then all of us turned around and looked at each other like: "ya, lets be done with this." so we talked and laughed for another hour. We told our mission president and he told us that he was happy that we got to know each other. Haha- only fun times when you have 8 hilarious girls in one room. The other district is 6 sisters and 2 elders so all in all there are 16 sisters and 2 elders. We are really close with the other district and we all do everything together. The swedish is coming along and we have taught our first investigator five times now!! I still have to use notes but I am able to pray and bare my testimony without looking now and I have memorized "our purpose" in svenska! I have seen Michelle Warner a lot which has been so comforting. The first night she came in and talked to me for a half hour and helped me unpack. I have pretty much seen everyone from OLY- I had just been hanging out with them the week before and now we are all missionaries which is awesome and weird. I saw spencer twice before he left- he is doing great and we got caught up on MTC life. So as you can see... my pday is on Thursday which is why you haven't heard from me, except for I did write home on my second or first day but I am guessing you never got it because you are in SGEEZY livin life.
Easter Sunday was one that I will never forget. Sitting in a room with 4,000 missionaries all partaking of the sacrament and singing "called to serve" together, brought joy to my heart. We heard from Bishop Causee- the bishop presiding over the church, and his cute wife. Sister Causee said: "Pray every day and work hard! You don't want to waste one minute of your mission." I absolutely agree. I have been trying my hardest to not waste one minute. And I have loved every minute of being here. I love my companion. I love the girls in my district. I love my teachers. I love the language. I love my classes. I love the devotionals. I love reading the scriptures, I love preach my gospel. I love the service. I love the learning. I love teaching. I love the gym. I love the people. I love my new friends. I love seeing the mountains. I love getting letters. I love the uncomfortable times that have helped me grow. I love the positive attitudes that surround me. I love singing the army of heleman at every meeting. I love the encouragment. I love the strength. I love the feelings that I feel as I study and ponder and pray. I love learning about christ and I love reminding myself of why I am here. Most of all I love the constant spirit that I feel throughout the day. I was worried at first that I wasn't feeling the spirit as much as I should be because I have always heard of the "special spirit you feel at the MTC." And one of my teachers, brother Bloomfield, told me: If you have grown up in a spiritual home then you are used to constantly being able to feel the spirit, so when you get here, you still feel good but its not an extra spirit that you feel. Kids who don't grow up in a home that is constantly filled with love and the spirit, think that the spirit here at the MTC is so amazing, which it is, but I am so grateful to have been raised in the home that I was raised in where the gospel was the center of everything we did. Family scripture study, family prayer, family dinner together etc. Our home wherever it may be, has always been filled with the spirit because of our family and what we believe.
Bishop Causee said: "You may think that you can't do this, but you know that with the Lords help you can do it! And you will LOVE it." This is so true. I have not broken down of feeling homesick or of feeling like this work is TOO hard yet but I know that those days will come. I also know that this work would be impossible to do without the Lord but because I have the Lords help, I can do it and I will love it. I loved the constant reminder throughout the Easter day of my savior and of his love towards each of us. To remember what He has done for me and what I can do to become more like Him and become closer to Him. On Easter night, we had a devotional by Sherry Dew, and she spoke on having our main focus be on the Lord and how His message is able to change people. She said "Who is influencing you and who are you influencing." I loved her message because it made me think of who I am, who I can influence, and most importantly of all of the amazing people who have influenced me one way or another and have helped me get to where I am now.
I love this adventure and I would not want to be any where else. I miss you all but I am so grateful to be here. I want every girl who has thought of going on a mission, to go. I have only been here for a week and it is hard work but I can already see the blessings from going on a mission. Everyone and anyone can do this work if they have a strong desire to serve and if they are worthy to serve. Jag alskar dig!

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