Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where Has the Time Gone? (week 4)


Studying with my comp.


 This week FLEW by! I literally feel like I just wrote to you yesterday! Good news: We get our travel plans tomorrow!! But we don't find out if our visas come until a couple days before we leave. . So keep your fingers crossed! We might be getting re-assigned for a bit. Two of  our teachers are leaving tomorrow to go to Hawaii and they wont be back until the day before we leave! And another one is leaving for this next week... We are so sad because we have THE BEST teachers and we love them!! But seriously, I have been watching other districts struggle with their companions, districts, and teachers and I am so so blessed and grateful for what we have.
Our Swede T's!
 Last week was pretty rough with the language and getting a little stressed out, but this week has been awesome. There is a quote that says, "Hang in there. It is astonishing how short a time it can take for wonderful things to happen." This is so true. I feel like with every hard lesson, or day, or week, I learn a great deal of humility and love for this work. And when I do that, I am grateful. And sure enough the lessons and days and weeks get better. I loved what you said in your letter Mom about humility. It is so true that we HAVE to go through periods of time in our lives of struggle. If we don't, then we do not humble ourselves and learn to lean on Heavenly Father to help us. Yes the language is hard and no, I can't speak it very well right now... but I will. If I could speak it well now, then I wouldn't learn humility and patience, and I wouldn't learn to rely on the Lord. Everyday I remind myself that life is good. And it truly is. There will always be ups and downs, but to notice the ups and the downs is what is important. The downs help us learn and grow and the ups teach us to be happy and grateful. When we have ups, we need to seek to help those that are having downs. And with the ups and the downs we need to pray to our Heavenly Father with gratitude for the challenges that help us learn to stand on two feet and for the blessings that come when we do.
Temple Day
In class on Saturday our teacher Brother Dunn, told us a story of teaching a lady in Sweden from the Phillipines and her son who has down syndrome. He told us how he had worked with kids with disabilities before his mission and that he knew he needed to be the one to teach this mother and son, and that he needed to tell them of Gods wonderful plan for us. All of us were touched and it was a very spiritual experience. For me, it made me think of the investigators I am going to teach that only I will be able to touch and help because of what I know and of what I have learned and gone through. After his story I started thinking about Lillie and I was out of control crying as I thought of her and our picnics up the canyon and going on hikes together with just me and her. I MISS HER. I want her to tell me her silly stories she has that she would tell me when I picked her up from school. Give her a big bear hug for me!!
I loved the cousins emails this week. I love that we are all teaching the same gospel and that we are all learning how to be strengthened and how to serve in many different ways. Uncle Jeff C. Sent me the nicest letter this week. I needed to hear what he shared with me and I was so grateful to hear from him. He sure knows how nice it is to get mail as a missionary, with having three of his kids out!! I am so excited to hear where Will got his mission call! 7 cousins out at once... we are blessed. I want to start a cousin group email so we can keep in touch throughout our missions. Are their emails all just their first names & then last name? Let me know if you figure that out.
Mom, I loved what you said about desiring to believe. You said, "Desire to belive is my new slogan. I desire to believe. Therefore, I do believe and since I believe, I have faith and since I have faith, I know everything will work out." This was perfect for me to hear this week. We taught an amazing lesson about faith to one of our investigators this week in swedish. He was so worried that he HAD to know it was true and I felt overcome to share those words you shared with me. I got a little chocked up as I told him that even the smallest desire to believe, is a step of faith. Our faith grows as we continue to learn and go through things that test our faith. We don't have to KNOW, we just have to BELIEVE. That's what I loved about Elder Hollands talk and about what you shared with me and about dad's strong belief in only having to believe.
GROWTH. Every day I grow but especially on days that I can appreciate what has helped me grow. This week it was the little things that have helped me grow. When I understood my teacher speaking in swedish, when I read the scriptures and understood what was going on and how I could benefit from what I read. When I thought of Lillie and how I can become more like her. Meek and submissive. When I taught a lesson about faith and felt the burning desire in my heart to believe and to share what I believe.
all min kärlek,
Sister Adelide

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