Monday, May 13, 2013

First Area = Kristianstad!


Sister Christensen and Sister Swenson are going to Kristianstad II
This is going to be short and sweet because I talked to you guys yesterday (which was the best), and also because we are leaving soon... But I just want to say, I LOVE SWEDEN. This is seriously the best mission ever! I love my mission president and his sweet wife. They are so inspiring and I can't wait to get to know them better. 
My cute companion is Sister Swensen and she has been training for two months and is now my trainer and she is doing AWESOME. She knows what she is doing and I feel like a puppy just copying her every move. We love working together. She went to Weber State and played soccer there. Our ward branch is amazing- all of the members want to help with missionary work and are so kind to us. We are in the Wennerlunds ward and he was so excited to tell me stories of grandpa. We are having lunch with him tomorrow so he will probably tell me more- haha. We have a lot of investigators right now and have so far in the past 3 days, taught 15 lessons. We were teaching an older couple, and after I bore my testimony in Swedish, the guy smiled and said very slowly, "You are happy, and you know for sure." 

My first day of waking up I thought "wait, what am I doing here??" And then as we got going on our day and started teaching these people, I was reminded quickly of what I am doing here and of why I want to be here. I love this little city that I am living in and I love the people so much already. We have a baptism on June 8th which is the day right before we get to go hear President Monson speak! I am doing great and I am grateful to be down here in the warm South! I am happy and I know that for sure. XOXO Love you all. 
Waiting for the train

Our cute little kitchen

Tour of Stockholm on our first day!

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  1. ahhhhhh i love my lidey lou! look at that cute little kitchen, and that view is amazing!!!