Monday, September 16, 2013

h ö s t ~ a u t u m n

 My dears,

This week I started Journal #2 which was shocking because I never thought that day would come. I brought three journals and perfectly planned it out so that each one would take six months to fill up- so I realized this week that I have almost been out six months and boy has it flowwwwwn by. The weather has dramatically changed this week- I don’t know if its here to stay for Autumn or if it is only for a bit but IT IS COLD. It feels like Utah’s Novembers so we pulled out the tights haha. I love the feel of Autumn-- the smells, the colors, its so beautiful.
k stad
We had a great lesson with our investigator Julius this week who used to be an Atheist. We were outside and heard the geese flying above us so we all looked up and watched them as they flew in a perfect formation, only practicing for when they fly out for real before winter. And at that moment Julius said "I don’t know how there couldn't be a God when I see things like this." I just looked up and smiled, because its so true. When you pause and take one look around at the world- you truly see Gods hand in everything. It was one of those sweet moments where you just realize how much love you have for the world and for Gods creations.
vera and kids
We met with a lady named Suha on Tuesday, who was the last person we contacted two weeks ago when we had absolutely had it! We thought nothing would happen with her but we taught her, and she could not believe how happy she felt- she decided to be baptized on the 24th of September! It was amazing. But... She lives in Malmö so we have to give her to the Malmö sisters. But it was still a beautiful moment. As for Rutha and Rita- we have been teaching them and they are so receptive but the problem with them is that "they have already been baptized" and they do NOT understand the difference in the way that we baptize. We explained the Holy Ghost, the Priesthood... EVERYTHING and they just don’t get it! Rutha said she was "born with the spirit of God" so she doesn’t need the Holy Ghost- haha I don’t know how else we can describe it to them! But they are still awesome.
I am filled with so much gratitude in my heart right now as I think about everyone at home and also as I think about the experiences I am having here on my mission. First of all- reading moms letter this week brought me to tears as I thought of Hannah getting married this week and Grace getting her mission call and Lillie turning the BIG 16 and all of the other little things going on at home that I miss and love and want to celebrate... but most of all I am so grateful and happy for these three girls and what is going on in their lives in different ways.

When Hannah and I were little and I would watch her draw out her wedding and wedding dress- and I probably never thought that I wouldn’t be there with her on her big day. Not being with you, Hannah, on your wedding day has just now hit me as I am writing this of how sad I am to not be there watching you walk down the isle and to not watch you have this joyful day in your life. But I want you to know that I love you and I am so so happy for you.

For Grace, WOOHOO!!! CANADA! That sounded so right to me when I read it and I am grateful for your desire to serve a mission and cant wait for you to join this army. I love you.

For my sweet baby Lillie- Happy 16th birthday! You are so old! I sure love and miss that girl. I am grateful for her letters that she writes me every single week and for what she teaches me still- even though I am not there to watch her in her life and what she is learning and doing.
Some days out here are hard. Some days we walk and walk and walk and nothing happens. But I want all of you to know that I could not be any where else right now. This week I have been a little selfish and have focused a little bit on "me" in my personal studies and of who I am and who God wants me to become. I listed my goals, my plans, the things I want to accomplish, the things I could be better at... (typical- haha) and I realized that everything I want to do and become would not be possible without my mission.
Studying and pondering on these things led me to thinking of the kind of wife, mother, neighbor, friend, and woman I want to and can become. What I have realized, comes from the most simple truths of the Plan of Salvation. That Heavenly Father loves us and knows us personally. He knows our potentials and he knows our weaknesses. He also knows that the only way we can learn is through trial and error. He knows we are not perfect so he gave us His Son. And the way we can know our potential and purpose is by following His Son. Following Christ, trying to be like Him, loving and serving as He did, is what will lead us on the straight and narrow path back home to our Heavenly Father. My potential- all of our potential is to be like Christ.
What a wonderful week. I love my companion- we are almost the same person in interests but opposite in personality, so we work great together. This is why Isam says she will be the leader wife and I will be an obedient wife haha. I am so grateful for the many many letters I received this week. Seriously. I have read them almost everyday. You are all INSPIRING. Thank you for your support. Thank you for living the lives you live. I love you all. Good luck this week! I hope everything goes
p e r f e c t l y.

Love Adelide

PS. I have been having really bad pain in one of my legs and I thought it was just sore, but it has been here for almost a month now. So we were teaching Isam and he pulled out some cream and he said that he went to the doctor and told them that he had pain in his leg, so they gave him the medicine hahaha.
the meal we had last night at Bonnie's - yummm! It reminded me of you 2.

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