Monday, September 2, 2013

Panic Spray

This week was the week that I had to pull out my panic spray (the spray that mom gave to me before my mission that you spray on your clothes to calm you down when times are stressful.) hahaha. I wish I could fully describe everything we did this week but it wouldn't sound as intense or hilarious as it really was... but lets just say it resulted in Syster Richins and I limping home on Saturday night.

We seriously WORE OUR SELVES OUT this week! We swore to never do it again but we had so much fun. We RAN here, there, and everywhere- one lesson after another. I could also describe this week from an experience of running into someones home out of a cold wind storm with bright red sweaty faces from sprinting to their house and they asked us if it was hot outside. IN ALL- our stomachs hurt from laughing, we have bags under our eyes, our hips are out of place and I'm not kidding- I have shin splints... but what a great week.

On our way to Önnestad on Friday for dinner with the Sandelins, we were laughing and smiling at the bus stop and there was an old lady who kept staring at us so we decided to sit next to her on the bus. She said to us "You both are SO beautiful! There is something different about you- you are so happy!" Syster Richins and I looked at each other and smiled because we truly are so happy. We told her why we are here in Sweden and a little bit about our message and although she wasn't interested she said once more "but you are so beautiful because you are so happy." She could see a difference in us - which light and joy only comes because of the gospel and the message that we carry around with us. It was a good little reminder to keep smiling.
Syster Richins and Syster Christensen
 In Papa and Nana's letter this week they said,

"The Atonement of Jesus Christ is what brings the light to us because it reminds us who we really are. It helps us to live a higher law. The "natural man" is an enemy to God. The Atonement helps us to put off the "natural man", and be more like God, which brings light to our souls." 

I know that people see a difference in us as missionaries in Sweden, as missionaries all over the world, and as members of the church. When we strive to live with the light of Christ, others notice and the light and joy is contagious.
Sunday School Class
Yesterday in church was one of the funniest days I have ever experienced. One word to describe our branch here in Kristianstad: crazy. Syster Richins, Sara Sandelin, Isam and I got the giggles so bad in church as we looked around at everyone. The little old ladies behind us were not only singing the hymn off tune but they were singing a different verse then the rest of the congregation. Jonny who was baptized last year was doing some stretches up in the front and was full on turned around staring straight into the faces of the Eriksson girls behind him. And my favorite, Inge, turned around and said something to me in Danish and then started burst out laughing and I had no idea what she said. I just turned to Syster Richins and we could not hold it in. Our stomachs hurt so bad. I felt like I was in a dream. There is no other way to describe how weird it was. I think being completely exhausted had a little bit to do with it also but it was unreal. I just sat there laughing with tears streaming down my face at the same time as I looked at each of the members. They are all so unique and weird but they are incredible and I am so blessed to know them. They are probably the strongest mormons that I have ever seen. In Sara's relgion class that she has to take at school, they teach the students that there is no god. Sara just has to sit there and not say anything even though she knows what she is being taught is not true. And yet everyday after school she calls us to see if she can come on teaches with us or go contacting. I dont think I would have the courage that she has if I was the only member in my whole highschool.
Trolls that a member made for us. (ignore the rat's nest in my hair)
As for our investigators: We have met with many new faces this week that will hopefully meet again. Alexandra is completely ready to be baptized but we are still waiting on her mom. Torsten called Bo Wennerlund yesterday and asked to not meet with us anymore... I was sad because we have met with him two times a week since I got here and I know how ready he is but it was also not surprising. We have worked so hard with him, he has had three different baptismal dates, and he was just not willing to take the next step. But I also know that he will accept it one day. As for the others, we are still meeting with Poul and his referral family Vera and her children. So many of our investigators are ready for baptism. Its hard to let them know that they are ready when they are waiting for a huge answer to come. Often times when we are looking for an answer from Heavenly Father, we need to remember that "all good things come from God." Not all of the time will it be so strong, but it will be answered in a feeling of comfort and peace- a good feeling, if its something we are sincerely desiring to know.

"In a dark and troubled hour the Lord said to those He loved: 'Let not your hart be troubled, neither let it be afraid' (John 14:27). These great words of confidence are a beacon to each of us. In Him we may indeed have trust. For He and His promises will NEVER fail." - Gorden B. Hinckley

Kristianstad District
Thank you for your letters this week. I have not received Henry's letter yet, hopefully it will come today. I loved how in Dad's email this morning he told me about his long bike ride- how tough it was but how beautiful the results were... To see the leaves changing, to accomplish something hard. But he didn't tell me the part that mom said in her letter which is that right after dad got off his bike in Midway he loaded up the car from Swiss days. You never stop working- your great example to me of a hard worker but of enjoying life has helped me on days when I am limping home. It helps me to look up into the huge Sweden sky and see the beauty that surrounds me. Mom, you are the same. You are a hard worker and I am so grateful for the work you put in to Swiss days each year and to all of your gift shows. Thank you for being examples to me and to those around you. Thank you for being my friends and number one supporters. I love you both. Send my love to the family. We are on our way to Malmö again to celebrate Syster Pearson's birthday with some B O W L I N G!

xoxoxo adelide

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